The Journey Begins… the birth of a star

Thanks for joining me!

I’m going to kick off this blog by sharing my own personal path to wellness.  I have always had an interest in things health related- even as a child.  I was one of those weird kids that if my parents said it’s healthy, I would be like “yes please, more spinach!”….okay, well, if I’m being honest, maybe not that extreme.  But it has genuinely always been an interest.

I didn’t really realize how important it was to me though until a few years back, when I was in grad school.  I had a teeny little breakdown.  Okay, okay…don’t judge.  It was a big breakdown.  Spending everyday crying, anxious, having panic attacks, needing-to-go-to-therapy-myself-even-though-I-was-in-grad-school-to-be-a-therapist kind of breakdown.  It really kind of took me by surprise.  Up to that point, I thought I had the whole “wellness/self-care thing” down.  I remember sitting in my doctor’s office, crying and her telling me “I think you might want to consider therapy”.  I remember saying something to the effect of “but I’m going to be a therapist, what will my clients think of me?!?!” and she says “so? I go to the doctor still even though I’m a doctor, and I’d go to therapy too.  What do you think of me?”

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That was the turning point for me.  I realized, like my doctor, I’m human too.  I’m allowed to be imperfect and not know “all the things” about being well.  So I made a conscious decision to pour myself into learning more about wellness, self-care, and how to treat myself with the compassion and love that I treat everyone else with.

What in the beginning of my breakdown seemed like the end of my dreams, was really just the birth of who I was aspiring to be.  My breakdown was really beautiful.  It’s what lead me to this point, to all of you here reading this.  Of course, years have gone by following that point in my life; and so as such, I have poured hours upon hours into courses and training and ted talks and reading and reviewing studies, not to mention the years I spent in college, to get to what I know today.


” For a star to be born, there is something that must first happen: A gaseous nebula must first collapse.  So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction.  This is your birth. ”                                                                                                                                                                 – Noor Tagouri

And this is where we meet.  Post breakdown, brain full of wellness knowledge, and a fresh desire to learn and experience more to share with all of you.  I can’t wait to get started and share my journey.

Until next time,


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