Update: Food Sensitivity Test

I have had a couple requests to do an update on the food sensitivity test I did last August. Was it a life changer? Am I now a healthy, svelte supermodel? Did I drive myself mad? Read on to find out 😉

If you recall (and if you don’t recall you can find my original post here), there was A LOT of foods I was sensitive to. While reading through it, I got so much anxiety thinking that I would have to live off of only kale and eggs for the rest of my life. And not that kale and eggs is bad…but who wants to eat the same thing everyday for the rest of their life?! Am-I-right?!

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After narrowing it down to a list, I decided I would cut the following foods from my diet:

  • Dairy- cows and goat milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, butter.
  • Meats/fish- veal, shrimp, cod, bacon, pork sausage and deer
  • Nuts/seeds- cashews, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, tahini
  • Fruit- apples, lemons
  • Vegetables- celery, corn (Maize)
  • Beans/legumes- black beans, edamame, tofu, soy
  • Gluten and Gluten free containing grains- Barley, Bread (any variety), farro, noodles made from any wheat, oats, wheat of any kind, Amaranth, cornflakes, quinoa, hops, maize flour (i.e. corn flour).

I managed to successfully do this for about a week y’all. Insert depressing wah-wah-wah sound here. I would love to tell you that the week I cut all of these foods out was a game changer…but it wasn’t. Sorry to disappoint.

What did I notice? So, that week, I noticed I was a lot less bloated. Which is kind of a big deal for me, cause I bloat a lot and by the end of the day I’ve gone up a pant size and people start asking me when I’m due…not cool. Outside of that, I didn’t notice anything extremely obvious. I’m sure there was more things happening in my body that I just didn’t notice, but I only gave it a week. Rome wasn’t built overnight, okay?

Why only a week? Because I’m weak, okay?! Seriously though. I am human, and it was hard. My clients hear me say this a lot: “everything is easy on paper, when you put it to practice is when it get’s tricky”. And I say this to them because it’s true.

When I say it only lasted a week, I should mention, it’s not like I cut all those things from my diet for a whole week and then the next day dove right back in to eating all the things. And there has still been things from that list I have been pretty successful at keeping out.

What have you managed to change? Actually, quite a bit. I didn’t successfully cut out everything, but I have managed to cut out:

  • Most dairy (with the exception of a little goat cheese and sometimes cows cheese occasionally)
  • A lot of fruit (a little more on this if you read further), but especially apples.
  • Corn/maize and corn products, INCLUDING high fructose corn syrup.
  • All the beans on my list
  • All the nuts on my list
  • A majority of the grains on my list. I have tried really hard to go gluten free…this is a work in progress for me. I have definitely managed to cut down on the amount of gluten in my diet to the point where I only have it occasionally…but I still do have it. I wish I had a magic answer for this- and I’m sure if my reaction to gluten was much more obvious, it would be easier for me. But here we are.

So before you get all judgy on me, see, I haven’t done too bad. This whole experience has been a small part in my overall learning about what my body needs, and how I can best meet my own needs.

Do I regret doing the food sensitivity testing? As the bad tattoo picture says, “No Regerts”. I am thankful I did this test because it led me down a lot of other paths which have been immensely helpful to me in my health journey. One being reading Dr. Gundry’s “The Plant Paradox book and functional medicine Dr. Will Cole’s “The Inflammation Spectrum”. Both of these books have led me to the diet, lifestyle changes, and supplements that I feel are making a HUGE difference in my life right now.

Honestly, for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I know what my body needs. I feel a long overdue sense of finally being on the right path. And that, my friends, is priceless.

Until next time,


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