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Many of the links provided on yourroyalhealness.com are affiliate links.  This means YourRoyalHealness receives commission if you click the link provided and purchase something.  This comes at no additional cost or charge to you.  Yourroyalhealness.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and pages on this site may include links for Amazon or it’s affiliates.  Please assume any/all of the links provided to you on YourRoyalHealness are affiliate links.

Affiliate links FAQ:

Why do I use affiliate links?:

I use affiliate links to help support this website in order to continue to provide you, my readers, with useful information to make meaningful changes in your life and to help support my family.


Where do your recommendations come from?

Any of the links or products I affiliate with are something I personally use or support.  My goal with YourRoyalHealness is to provide you with useful information and tools to help support you on your journey to wellness.  I would not recommend any items that I do not personally trust or use.


I ordered something from a link on yourroyalhealness.com and it hasn’t arrived/arrived damaged. Who do I talk to?

Please note, while I do personally use the items I post in affiliate links, these items are purchased from third party sellers.  This means I have no control over their company, their shipping, or their packaging.  Please address any concerns you have with items purchased from any of the affiliate links on this website with the seller directly.

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