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Looking for things I recommend and/or use in my own home? This is the page for you. I put together this page so readers can easily access some of the links I refer to in my blog posts, as well as find some of the products I use, books I recommend, and websites I like to use. Keep checking back as the content will be updated.

Help my page stay running! This page does contain affiliate links. I am an affiliate with several sites, including Amazon Associates. This means, at no additional cost to you, if you click one of the links on this page and purchase something, I receive a small commission.

Book Recommendations:

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First We Make the Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety By Sarah Wilson – I love this book. It is probably one of the most real books I have read on what it is like to experience anxiety. She gives a first hand description of her own challenges, as well as what she is doing to overcome these challenges. This is a must read for anyone who experiences anxiety, or for the loved one of someone who experiences it.

The Chemistry of Calm” By Henry Emmons- This book is a good one if you are experiencing anxiety and want to look at alternative ways to treat it outside of traditional anti-anxiety medications. There is a workbook component to this book that you can work through on your own, or with the guidance of your therapist.

The Inflammation Spectrum” By Dr. Will Cole – Dr. Cole is a well respected functional medicine doctor who wrote this book and created a quiz component to the book to assess your individual inflammation, to educate you on what is healthy inflammation and what isn’t, and to help change your lifestyle to get into the sweet spot of inflammation.

Product Recommendations

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Ninja Blender System – I have had this blender for years. It still works just as good as the day I got it, and it is the workhorse of my kitchen. I use the smaller container in place of a stand mixer for mixing dough and other things. The individual containers get used almost daily to make smoothies. And the large container gets used to make soups, smoothies, and just about anything else you can think to use a blender for. It is a bit of an investment if you have a limited cash flow, coming in at around $130 roughly…but it has been worth every penny for me.

Instant Pot – You knew this was gonna show up on here right? Instant pot’s are all the rage right now. And they aren’t your grandma’s pressure cooker. You can make a frozen roast in less then an hour in this puppy, let me tell you THAT is amazing. If that wasn’t enough to wow you, pressure cooking certain foods help reduce or remove their lectin load making them all that more health for you. Instant pot’s are not cheap, but again, it’s an investment. It’s not something you will be buying every year or even every two years. It can replace your crock pot, and you can also make yogurt in it!

Accupressure Mat – This one looks weird. And maybe it will make me come off as a little “woo woo”…but hear me out. These are amazing. Initially, when you lay on it, it’s a little uncomfortable. Then after about a minute, you get this warm sensation and just “ahhhhh”. After I use this, I sleep HARD. I will use it when I’m struggling to fall asleep, or if my shoulders or back is a little tight and I can’t get a massage. It works wonders.

Glass Tea Cup with Lid – I know what you’re thinking. A tea cup? Really? But yes, I put a tea cup on my product recommendations. Deal with it. I love to drink loose leaf tea, and this cup does it all. Not only does it have a lid so you can steep your tea correctly and avoid losing the essential oils, but it also has a compartment for the leaves so you can steep your tea in your cup. Just pour hot water, steep, and enjoy!

Electric Tea Kettle – Honestly, I can’t lie to you on this one…I don’t know that one tea kettle is better than the next. Personally, I own this one. It’s BPA free, which is important. It’s a pretty color, and it heats up quickly and quietly. I used to use a stove top tea kettle, but then I realized I am impatient and waiting for water to boil is like watching paint dry and both things make me want to cry.

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